Presence Marketing

Presence Marketing is very important to your business. Can your business be found online?  We would like to give you a presence report, analyzing your company’s listing to see how “findable” you are on the internet.  Please click this link below and have your company’s main phone number ready to get your free report.

Click Here to See How Visible Your Business is Online

If you can’t be found online, you are at a SEVERE disadvantage to everyone else right now.  This does not necessarily mean you need a fancy website.  For starters, this means you need to have claimed your free Google Business Listing and verified that you are the business owner.  Once you do that, Google recognizes that you are most probably a legitimate business, but this does not mean you’ll be on the first page.  Google uses many other criteria to determine who ends up on the first page:

1.  Completely filled out business information

2. Number of citations (how many other places is your business information listed online, and do they match)

3. Number of reviews

4. Number of images

5. Number of videos

6. Website matching your Google business listing

7. Correct category/categories selected

8. Use of Google Offers

There are other criteria, but these are the main ones that should be taken care of first.  We handle all of this for our clients to ensure they are found quickly when customers are searching for their services.

To see where you stand today, check out this link for a free report and some training on what to do next:

Click Here to See How Visible Your Business is Online


To go ahead and get started with Presence Marketing, please submit a Request for Quote here.

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