Apex Business Team leads the industry with focused seo services and reputation marketing, as well as lead generation. We provide these three main services with an emphasis on quality and longevity. Some online marketing firms attempt to gather quick gains in the rankings by using techniques and tactics that are not condoned by major search engines. These gains are quickly lost when the search engine algorithms change to adjust for their poor plan to game the system. 100% of what we do stands up to the ever-increasing scrutiny and demand for quality content.

Presence Marketing – This seo service focuses on the local intent of a prospective customer. When someone searches a search term in your area, search engines can understand their intent, whether they are looking for information or looking to purchase something nearby. This is called ‘local intent’. This is most commonly found when someone searches for a product or service that can only be provided or bought locally, or when they include a geographical marker. An example would be searching for “ice cream new york” vs “history of ice cream in new york”. The first search keyword would trigger ‘local intent’ telling the search engines to bring up ice cream vendors near to the searcher. The second keyword would not trigger local intent and would most likely bring up an informational piece about ice cream as it related to new york. Optimizing your website and everything about your online presence to recognize this distinction is “presence marketing”, our highest ROI seo service.

Reputation Marketing – Reputation marketing focuses on achieving and marketing a 5-star reputation. There are many steps to this process, but the first is to collect high-quality reviews from your client base. We do that by creating a proprietary, mobile-optimized ‘review portal’ that assists in collecting great customer reviews and sending them to the top directories (Google, Yelp, CitySearch). Populating these directories with as many quality reviews as possible really helps highlight your company. Once this is complete, we send those reviews back out! We post images and links to many different channels online, showing everyone how much people like your company. Review images can gather many likes, shares and tweets, all which help increase your visibility. We also monitor all of the major directories for new reviews, good or bad, so that you are aware and can take the appropriate action. The final step is to educate you and everyone on your staff about the importance of good reviews and asking for reviews. To do this, we provide a training session for all staff members.

Lead Generation – This isn’t so much a seo service as it is purchasing leads. If you would prefer to not entertain the idea of maintaining your own site or online presence, we can setup lead generation pages that will send you phone calls. We track each unique phone number so we can have metrics as to call length and quantity. This can be a great starting point for companies looking for immediate verifiable metrics as opposed to a longer term strategy with seo services and reputation marketing.

We service areas in Michigan such as Ann Arbor, Detroit, Livonia, Saline and other nearby cities across the state of Michigan. To get in touch with our staff, visit our request a consultation page and fill out the form.