Facebook Lead Ads are Coming

Until now, Facebook has been lagging in the lead generation realm, in comparison to companies like Yelp, Google and others.
But, they may be catching up with this most recent feature release.
Facebook Lead Ads
Facebook hasn’t been specifically targeting gathering leads for businesses directly, mostly indirectly, as “awareness”, “engagement” or activity, such as email sign-up.
But where does that leave the local contractor or local business who is interested in acquiring customers today?
Facebook is slowly releasing this feature called “Lead Ads”.
I don’t have access to it yet, but it’s coming and I’m excited.
Facebook Lead Form Creation
Here are the instructions from Facebook – this will let you know if you have access already:
Before you begin creating your lead ads campaign, we advise having someone from your legal team review the questions you plan to ask on your form, as well as go over the lead ads policies and terms of service. Once you’re ready, make sure you also have:
Access to your business’s Facebook Page.
The URL to your business’s privacy policy.
An image for your ad.
When you’re ready, go to your Power Editor. Below are instructions for what to do at the campaign, ad set and ad levels.
Click Create Campaign and give it a name.
Under Objective, select Lead Generation. Keep in mind your buying type must be Auction.
Click Create.
Facebook Lead Ads
The reason I’m excited is because Facebook has an unprecedented amount of information and user base.
Combining that with the laser-focused intent of capturing leads (not just engaging or clicking) has the potential to be very powerful.
Let me know if you have access and are interested in this type of ad. It looks to be promising, especially for service-based businesses that could use new customers every day.

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