Explainer Videos explained

One of the biggest trends in the last few years for local business advertising has been using whiteboard or explainer videos.
These videos do not include you or your coworkers in the video at all. They are completely animated.
These videos demonstrate a complex idea very quickly and simply by animating what looks like an artist making the drawings as they go.
They capture attention and explain difficult ideas so easily – audiences love them.
I had this problem where I was constantly explaining how our reputation services work. I’d explain them and after talking to someone for over 5 minutes, I realized I wasn’t really connecting or explaining things well. It helps to have a visual component for good understanding.
I went to have my own video made and here is it (my reputation marketing video).
screencapture (3)
This video captures the essence – it doesn’t attempt to include every detail or nuance of our services. But they get the basic idea very easily.
Now how might you get a video like this done? It must cost thousands to get something animated with a voice-over!
One of my secret resources is Fiverr.com where most services start at $5. A video of this length with this detail was not $5, but only a few hundred dollars.
And really, what price could I put on a professional, animated video that explained one of our most basic and popular services?
I hope this helps. If you are interested in explainer videos and would like one made, I can help, just let me know and we’ll get you one started.

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