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We are the premier provider of seo services in Ann Arbor, helping companies optimize their online presence to best be recognized by search engines. We can setup your marketing campaign to run without your individual input, allowing you to work on your business, not in your business. We also provide reputation marketing services, so you can achieve and market your 5-star reputation to everyone, through every relevant channel. This type of exposure helps companies put their best foot forward when prospective clients do research online prior to selecting a business to hire.

These seo services and reputation marketing services, when combined, can create a large distinction between your company and the competition. Showing up in the first spot when prospective clients search for you on search engines and appearing with your absolute best reputation will net many more phone calls, appointments, consultations and eventually, closed sales. Some customers experience anywhere from 40%-450% increase in business, month-over-month. Return-on-investment (ROI) of this type of marketing services far outpaces any ROI for print, radio or display marketing. Typical ROIs for seo services vary from 10x-40x, vs more traditional marketing efforts where 1x-5x ROI are more common, depending on the location and market.

Hiring us to focus on your seo and reputation services, allows you, the company owner, to concentrate on providing the absolute best services you can to your clients. You can relax, knowing your online presence is handled in the best possible fashion.

We offer a guarantee of increased traffic to your site when at least 12 months of focused seo services and reputation marketing are implemented for your business. This guarantees you receive a 40% increase in traffic or you receive your money back.

Apex Business Team services areas in Michigan such as Ann Arbor, Detroit, Livonia, Saline and other nearby cities, as well as out-of-state markets. To find out more about our seo services and reputation marketing, get in touch by visiting our request a consultation page and filling out the form.

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